"Explosion technology"— scientific and technical journal

Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

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Issue N121/78 (2018)Quantity:  x 800 rubInternet version
Issue N120/77 (2018)Quantity:  x 800 rubInternet version
Issue N119/76 (2018)Quantity:  x 800 rubInternet version
Issue N118/75 (2017)Quantity:  x 800 rubInternet version
Issue N117/74 (2017)Quantity:  x 800 rubInternet version
Issue N116/73 (2016)Quantity:  x 800 rubInternet version
Issue N115/72 (2016)Quantity:  x 800 rubInternet version
Issue N114/71 (2015)Quantity:  x 700 rubInternet version
Issue N113/70 (2015)Quantity:  x 600 rubInternet version
Issue N112/69 (2014)Quantity:  x 600 rubInternet version
Issue N111/68 (2014)Quantity:  x 600 rubInternet version
Issue N110/67 (2013)Quantity:  x 600 rubInternet version
Issue N109/66 (2013)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N108/65 (2012)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N107/64 (2012)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N106/63 (2011)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N105/62 (2011)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N104/61 (2010)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N103/60 (2010)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N102/59 (2009)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N101/58 (2009)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N100/57 (2008)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N99/56 (2008)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N98/55 (2007)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N97/54 (2007)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N96/53 (2006)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N95/52 (2005)Quantity:  x 0 rubInternet version
Issue N94/51 (2004)Quantity:  x 0 rubInternet version
Issue N93/50 (2001)Quantity:  x 500 rubInternet version
Issue N92/49 (1999)Quantity:  x 0 rubInternet version
Issue N91/48 (1998)Quantity:  x 0 rubInternet version

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