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Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 103/60 (2010)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Section 1. Theoretical and experimental studies on explosions and fracture of rocks
Trofimov V.S.
About the account of the contribution of turbulence in movement of media at the detonation and other shockwave processes
Krukov G.M., Vaver P.A.
The regularity of the distribution size formation during explosive fragmentation of core's monolith of potassium salts
Kazakov N.N.
Hypothesis of multilevel crushing of breed explosion
Shvedov K.K.
Dependence of detonation velocity of ammoniumnitrate from the charge diameter, the critical and limiting values
Rakishev B.R.
Determination of the sizes of the braking zones in rock mass by blasthole crushing charges
Menzhulin M.G., Trofimov A. V., Afanasev P.I.
Features of physical processes of boulder destruction by mud-capping charges of various types of explosives

Section 2. Development and usage of explosive technologies for mineral deposits mining
Varichev A.V., Kretov S.I., Kozub A.V., Viktorov S.D., Kazakov N.N., Shlyapin A.V.
Explosive works on double ledge blocks
Zakalinsky V.M.
Development of explosive technologies
Dzigrin A.V., Murin K.M., Mukatov A.R., Makhrakov I.V., Dismukhambetov R.A.
Industrial test results of patronize tamp PZS-2K in the mine OJSC «Sevuralboksitruda»
Belin V.A., Efremovtsev N.N., Efremovtsev A.N., Leskov S.F., Bjazrov B.N., Ulko L.D., Gorjushev L.I., Komissarov P.V., Efremovtsev P.N.
Development and field test results of novel industrial anfo mixtures providing
Borovikov V.A., Slastenko V.K.
Determination microdamage spreading on rock breakage
Kovalevskij V.N., Tolstunov S.A., Paramonov G.P.
Regulation of parameters of disorder of mountain weight at breaking layers permafrost based structural changes in charge
Lapikov I.N.
Energy of destruction and measurements of blasting destructed rock pieces connection

Section 3. Industrial explosives research
Shvedov K.K., Belin V.A.
Low-sensitive explosives safety turnover concept
Kovalenko I.L., Kuprin V.P.
Interacting of emulsive explosives and their components with sulphidic minerals
Kukib B.N.
About simple calculation methods of the explosion heat for industrial explosives
Starshinov A.V., Litovka O.B., Kolpakov V.I., Grigoriev G.S.
Industrial explosives efficiency determination demand on change of the sizes of the lead column through the air interval
Shalaev M.S., Paramonov G.P.
To the question of increase of efficiency of the shielding crack due to the choice of the rational design of the planimetric charge
Starshinov A.V.
Analysis and comparison of current submissions and experimental data on explosion mechanisms of condensed explosives

Section 4. Combustion and explosion usage in various technological processes
Dudin S.V., Lavrov V.V., Savchenko A.V., Ushnurtsev A.E, Mintsev V.B., Leont’ev A.A., Shurupov A.V., Fortov V.E.
Substitution of the state he for the explosive mixture of simple composition for explosive-driven magnetic generator
Soldatova A.S., Badretdinova L.H., Sadykov I.F., Marsov A.A.
Behavior of structure of composition of the thermosource and its operational characteristics depending on the storage time

Section 5. Ecology and safety at blasting
Annikov V.E., Apolenis A.V.
Impact sensitivity as a criterion of explosion safety
Nikylova V.G., Timonina T.V.
Electrical detonator with the prefixed parameters and the high level of safety
Artemov V.A., Vinogradov J.I., Gustov S.V.
Research of seismosafe conditions of production of buro-explosive works near to a working gas pipeline
Larichev А.U., Masur A.S., Kovalevskij V.N., Paramonov G.P.
To the question of influence parameters of drilling and blasting operations on the process of education dusty clouds
Papichev V.I., Frantov A.E.
Estimation of ecological affecting natural environment at application of demilitarization explosive materials

Section 6. Information events
Derzhavets Abram Semenovich (to the 75-th anniversary)294-295
Kryukov Georgi Mikhailovich (to the 80-th anniversary)296-297
The energy of the peaceful explosion for country elaboration (to the Sosnin Vyacheslav Alexandrovich 60-th anniversary) 298-299
Shvedov Konstantin Konstantinovich - obituary300-300
Shuvalov Yuri Vasilievitch - obituary301-302
Information about the authors303-307
Editorial board308-309

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