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Issue 112/69 (2014)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Section 1. Theoretical and experimental research in the field of rock destruction by explosion
UDC 622.023
Zharikov I.F., Norel B.K.

Support functions of three-dimensional stress state of inhomogeneous rocks

Keywords: initial mechanical model, stress-strain State, rocks, mechanical model, the function of the rocks, the three-dimensional stress state

The proposed decision analytical tasks define specific indicators of status changes of mechanical process in heterogeneous rocks under the influence of a complex array of stress state on the basis of the newly formulated dependency of physical parameters and indicators to evaluate the change of mechanical environment in conditions of dynamic loads of explosive works performed on sections on the State of the underground mine workings.

UDC 622.235
Kazakov N.N., Shlyapin A.V.

Rock crushing by the camouflage phase of explosion in the top part of the blast hole charge

Keywords: finite length, camouflage phase, density, mass speed, tension, energy, energy of destruction, crushing

In article the description of the offered model of a form of a charge, a cavity and camouflage zone in action of explosion in the top part of a blast hole charge is given. By the developed technique, with use of the developed computer program, parameters of process and fineness of crushing of rock by a camouflage phase of explosion, in the top layer of a ledge are calculated.

UDC 622.235
Kazakov N.N., Shlyapin A.V.

Rock destruction by the wave phase of explosion in the top part of the blast hole charge

Keywords: wave phase, wave of tension, mass speed, tension, energy, energy of destruction, destruction, crushing

In article the description of the offered model of a zone of wave action of explosion in the top part of a blast hole charge is given. By the developed technique, with use of the developed computer program, parameters of process of a wave phase of explosion and fineness of crushing of rock in the top layer of the ledge adjoining a tamping are calculated.

UDC 622.235
Vakhidov R.M., Pozdnyakov A.E.
Valiakhmedov I.F., Alexandrov A.N.

Influence of borehole contact area on intensity of breaking

Keywords: blast hole, blast hole with con-shaped caves, contact area

This article is focused on methods of magnifying rocks blasting due increasing contact area of tamping and partition of blasting chamber. Experiments in measuring outlet velocity of the tamping showed that kinetic energy of the stemming decreased 9 times with increasing of contact area on 28%. Suchwise, roughly speaking amount of fine fractions increased 5 times.

UDC 622.235
Dzhigrin A.V., Lupiy M.G., Bakin V.A.

Additional classification of seams with hard-breaking roof. Load properties

Keywords: hard breaking rocks, confining pressure, resistance, load properties

Excavation of coal seams with heavy roofs to date is one of the difficult problems. Solution of control problems of rock pressure on the seams with heavy roofs require additional separation of the heavy roof by load properties, taking into account the stability of direct roof.
Thus, the additional separation of heavy roof by load properties, taking into account the properties taking into account the stability of direct roof fully characterizes the geomechanical situation in the mining faces.

UDC 622.235
Lupiy M.G.

Scientific background of the roof control method development at the excavation sites

Keywords: roof control, softening, brittle fracture

During mining operations fracture processes defined in the natural weakening of the breed, appearing in the form of large cracks, bundles.
When softening of large masses of rock is necessary an artificial creation of the weakest link. Further, after the load increases above the critical value, crack develops slowly, and its length would increase in proportion to the square of the load. Additionally, is possible to use of power approach, when we consider the equilibrium conditions existing at the crack of external (load) and internal forces, i.e., molecular adhesion forces.

UDC 622.235.534
Paramonov G.P., Isheiskii V.A.
National mineral resources university (University of mines)

To the question of estimation durability of properties of pieces of the blown up mountain weight

Keywords: explosion, a charge, borehole, zones of destruction, model, durability characteristics on a stretching (compression)

The presentwork is a part of the research devoted to influence of power characteristics of explosive on durability of the characteristic of pieces of the blown up mountain weight. Results of modelling experiment of influence of energy of explosion of a charge in шпуре on durability properties of pieces of the destroyed mountain weight in disorder are resulted in view of zones of destruction.


Section 2. Using the process of combustion and explosion in various technolog-ical processes
UDC 622.235
Kozyrev S.A., Sokolov A.V., Sakerin A.S.

Estimation of optimal delay time between boreholes during their nonsimultaneous blasting in ring

Keywords: borehole breaking, short-delay blasting, seismic impact of blast

The testing data is given on seismic impact of blasts on the rock mass and quality of crushing when using various intervals of delay between the boreholes in the ring and between the rings. It is established that in the aim to provide available quality of rock crushing, decrease seismic impact of a blast on rock workings, and save the boreholes drilled in advance it is reasonable to use inverse initiation with blasting at different times of boreholes in the ring with 25 msec delay interval between them, and 50 msec delay interval between the rings.

UDC 622.235
Zelenin M.Yu., Habibulin W.R., Guchenko D.E., Baron V.L. , Ganopolskiy M.I.

Directed collapse of reinforced concrete pipe with a height of 150 meters

Keywords: reinforced concrete pipe, directional collapse, blast hole charges, seismic vibrations, air shock wave

In the article the results of highly directional explosion to collapse of reinforced concrete pipe with a height of 150 m in Izhevsk (Udmurtia). The authors have proposed a new scheme blast hole charges and explosives, the calculations of seismic and air shock waves at different protected objects.


Section 3. Theoretical and experimental investigations of detonation, manufacturing technology and properties of industrial explosives and initiating devices
UDC 622.235
Sosnin V.A., Morozov K.E., Korunov V.N.

Experience of application of production process of emulsion explosives developed by JSC “Gosnii “Kristall” for open cast mining

Keywords: production process, semifinished materials, emulsion, properties

The paper describes the experience of application of the emulsion explosive production process in established production units and of using the compositions of emulsion explosives developed in JSC “GosNII “Kristall” in different mining and geological conditions.
The paper presents also the analysis and positive properties of the production process and of semifinished emulsion explosives.

UDC 622.235
Il’in V.P., Sosnin V.A.
JSC “GosNII “Kristall”, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhni Novgorod region
Efimkin A.G.
JSC “Uralkhim”, Moscow

Investigation of physicochemical properties of calcium nitrate for application in emulsion explosives

Keywords: granular calcium nitrate, emulsion explosives, physicochemical properties

The paper provides the data of investigation of granular calcium nitrate for production of emulsion explosives. The physicochemical properties of oxidizing medium are described and the compositions are offered for evaluation of explosive properties.

UDC 534.222.2
Kukib B.N.

About an influence of the emulsion explosives density on velocity of detonation

Keywords: emulsion explosives, failure diameter, density, diameter of charge, velocity of detonation

Analysis of the results of experimental studies the effect of charge density on detonation velocity was carried out. It is established, that for constant diameter of charge the values of the detonation velocity depend on next factors: critical and ideal values velocity of detonation for that density and value df / d.

UDC 622.235.213
Kukib B.N.

Influence of the density on critical diameter of detonation for explosive mixtures rdx with common salt

Keywords: explosive, density, critical diameter, detonation velocity

Analysis of the results of experimental studies on the influence of explosives density on detonation critical diameter was carried out.

UDC 622.235
Kinyak S.M.
Gidrotekhnika Co., Ltd
Kharkhardin V.S.
Nt Primorye Co., Ltd
Neimann V.R.
Sibvzryvkomplekt Joint Stock Company
Kostylev S.S., Starshinov A.V.
Nt Sayany Co., Ltd

The construction of a plant for production of emulsion explosives with enchanced detonability and usage results

Keywords: emulsion explosives, underground mines, water-resistant emulsion explosive, small diameter borehole

A brief description of constructed plant for production of water-resistant emulsion explosives with enhanced detonability for charging small diameter boreholes and production of cartridges with the diameter of 32 mm and more is introduced. The results of emulsion explosives usage in different conditions, including underground mines, and metalwork demolition and etc. are summarized.

UDC 541.127:541.129:622.235:622.272
Kirsanov O.N., Kovalevskij V.N., Paramonov G.P.
National mineral resources university (University of mines)

Conditions of transition of burning in explosion of structures on the basis of chlorate of sodium and hydrocarbons

Keywords: a block stone, pressure, hydrocarbons, chlorate of sodium, a detonation, burning, explosion

In work on the basis of the experimental and settlement data conditions of transition of burning in explosion, and also interrelation between kinetic reactions and speed of combustion for structures are considered on the basis of chlorate of sodium and hydrocarbons.

UDC 622.235
Viсtorov S.D., Frantov A.Е.

Cheap explosives local manufacturing: characteristics and trends of perfection

Keywords: cheap explosives, oxidizers (granulated ammonium nitrate, porous ammonium nitrate), oil (liquid petroleum), combustible metal (aluminum powder), the stability of simple explosives

On the basis of analyzing the characteristics of the elementary components of explosives, the ways to improve them. The physical and technical, thermal and structural properties of the components (ammonium nitrate, petroleum and metal powders), and developed recommendations to improve the safety of cheap explosives. The aspects of improving the stability and cheap explosives evaluated technological solutions for the heat treatment of ammonium nitrate to change its structure.

UDC 532.529.5
Vasilishin M.S., Ivanov O.S., Ivanova D.B.
Petrov E.A., Balahnina A.V.
BTI (branch) FGBOU VPO Polzunov’s AltGTU

Heat exchange research between the pulsing layer of disperse materials and the heating wall

Keywords: pulsing layer, heat exchange

The description of experimental setup and a technique of conducting experiments by definition factors of a convective heat exchange from a heating wall in a pulsing layer of sodium nitrate and ammonium nitrate are resulted. The estimation of agency of process parameters on heat exchange is executed. It is shown, that the maximum values of factors of a convective heat exchange in a pulsing layer on 8–10% surpass corresponding parameters in fluidizing bed. Empirical dependence for calculation of factors of a convective heat exchange from a heating wall to a pulsing layer of disperse materials is gained.

UDC 622.235.432
Petrov Y.S., Sakhanskiy Y.V.
The North Caucasus Mining and Metallurgical Institute
(State Technological University)

Improvement techniques gauging operations and equipment to improve elektroblasting system

Keywords: elektroblasting, EB, electroexplosive chain algorithm

The modern classification of instrumentation systems elektroblasting. The basic shortcomings of the existing measuring instruments and ways of improving them. A universal algorithm for measurement and control of operations at elektroblasting. Is an example of the implementation of this algorithm on the basis of the developed universal automatic network device detonation.

UDC 622.235
Andreev V.V.

About features of short-delay blasting

Keywords: short-delay blasting, blasting system, the response time, initiation

Short-delay blasting is the major in mining industry, with widespread of non-electric blasting systems usage. Such schemes have probabilistic spread in the response time, which can sometimes cause damage to protected sites.

UDC 622.235
Paramonov G.P., Vozgrin R.A.
National mineral resources university (University of mines)

Substantiation of weight of the intermediate detonator at initiation hole charges emulsion explosives (sibirit 1200) for conditions career open society "Semiozerskoe karyeroupravlenie"

Keywords: emulsion explosives, an intermediate detonator, diameter of a charge, speed of a detonation, weight of an intermediate detonator

In article the analysis of experimental data by definition of influence of weight of an intermediate detonator for speed of a detonation of emulsion explosives. The optimum weight of an intermediate detonator for initiation hole charges of emulsion explosives in diameter of 115-125 mm is determined for conditions career of Open Society «Semiozerskoe karyeroupravlenie».


Section 4. Safety and ecology in the preparation and application of explosives. Regulatory support
UDC 622.235
Derjavets A.S, Salko A.E., Adulov V.K., Makarovets L.B.

System of cleaning of gases at thermal scrappage of ammunition of small calibre

Keywords: system of an cleaning of gases, scrappage, cleaning of air-gas mix, cyclone, soot filter, absorber, reagent, control system

In the course of the scrappage by thermal load of small arms ammunition, a large range of different elements of the explosive small-calibre ammunition, logic, there is a significant amount of toxic combustion products that pollute the surrounding space. The cleaning of exhaust gases from harmful substances is designed, assembled, tested and authorized for permanent use on one of the Russian enterprises in the recycling of such items through the system of cleaning gases.

UDC 622.235
Derjavets A.S, Salko A.E., Adulov V.K., Makarovets L.B., Kochkin A.V.

Method of scrappage of special ammunition

Keywords: recycling, phosphorus, yellow phosphorus munitions, artillery shells and mines, mobile system

One of the tasks of the special federal programme "industrial scrappage of weapons and military equipment on the 2011-2015 year and for the period up to the year 2020 is the scrappage and disposal of special munitions and chemically dangerous substances constituting the elements of the weapons. As part of this task is an environmentally friendly way to recycle phosphorus artillery ammunition and the technology of its implementation in the places of reference works.

UDC 622.235.535.2
Ekwist B.V., Girich I.B.

Effects of explosions using not electric initiation system**

Keywords: explosion; accuracy; slowdown; methods

The article includes ways for decreasing of seismic impact of blasting. The results of measurements of seismic effects using not-electric initiation system of the explosion. Also method of calculation for delay intervals is proposed. If allows to minimize the seismic effect of the explosion to the rock mass and to improve the safety of mining manufacture.

UDC 622.281:622.235.535.2
Knyazev D.Yu., Zharikov S.N.

Study of explosive seismic action in underground excavations

Keywords: underground excavations, explosive seismic action, blasting, lining, stage of deceleration

Presented results of studies of explosive seismic action during construction of underground excavations. Work financed by projects UB RAS: №12-M-23457-2041; №14-5NP-337.

UDC 622.281:622.235.535.2
Kulikov V.I., Spungin V.G., Ostapchuk A.A.

The seismic action of mass explosions on mine working

Keywords: of seismic waves, the intensity of the seismic action, the stability of mine workings

The article contains the results of the monitoring of seismic waves by mass explosions of Chernogorsk coal mine. It is registered velosigrammy and accelerograms at the surface and in the underground workings of the mine Hakaskaya. It is shown that the amplitude of seismic waves in mine working in 3 times less than at the surface. It is proposed to calculate waves of stress and strain on registered accelerograms. To determine the stability of the mining expect. Parameters of these waves determine the stability of mine workings.


Section 5. Information events
Igor Vasilievich Militenko - necrology281-283

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