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Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 123/80 (2019)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Welcoming speech of Mezheritsky S.E., Executive Director of JSC "GosNII “Kristall"5-8

Section 1. State and improvement of explosives, devices and blasting agents
Sosnin V.A.
State and properties of development of comercial explosives
Morozov K.Е., Sosnin V.A., Gil'manov R.Z.
Experience of development and implementation of process units for emulsion type industrial explosives production
Kozyrev S.A., Vlasova E.A.
Evaluation of the quality of preparation of emulsion explosives
Perepelkina Y.A., Ermolovich E.I, Sevastiyanov A.B.
Detonation properties and Lee-Tarver kinetic equation for emulsion explosive poremite P-2
Viktorov S.D., Efremovtsev N.N, Zhdanov Yu.V.,Zakalinsky V.M., Levachev S.M., Harlov A.E., Anderzhanov S.R., Lapikov I.N.
Direct emulsion based industrial explosives: development methodology and experimental results
Kotlyarov A.A.
Influence of ammonium nitrate grade on the efficiency of the industrial mixed explosive compositions
Smirnov A.S., Kuznetsov I.A. Ukhabin O.A., Morozov A.V.
Methodical problems of measurement of detonation velocity
Gorinov S.A., Maslov I.Yu.
On the assessment of the efficiency of explosives by the method of "plate-witness"
Baranov S.B., Shvets A.N., Rinchinov M.V.
Operation experience of the plant for manufacturing of components for emulsion explosives of the нпгм brand in conditions of Alrosa PJSC
Zimin A.S.,Filinov A.I., Sosnin V.A.
Perspectives for development of packaged emulsion explosives
Schukin Yu.G., Matseyevich B.V., Borzykh M.N.
Detonation ability of gunpowder in water solutions of salts (ammonium nitrate)
Kondrat'ev S.A., Pozdnyakov S.A., Ivanov A.S., Vandakurov K.A.
Modern means of initiation produced by JAS "NMZ "ISKRA"
Varenica V.I., Ageev M.V., Popov V.K.
The situation and prospects of initiation systems for blasting
Derzhavets A.S.
Problems, perspectives for development, production and application of industrial explosive materials. the advent of a new generation of industrial materials, is it possible?

Section 2. Technology of blasting in the mining of solid minerals
Zarovnyaev B.N., Shubin G.V., Dugartcyrenov A.V., Nikolaev S.V.
Formation of the charge construction taking into account the dynamics of the active layer in the conditions of permafrost
Overchenko M., Mozer S.
Orica range bulk emulsion explosive
Isheiskii V.A., Teplov V.S., Evgrafov M.V.
Improving the explosive preparation quality due to linking of the explosive destruction zones

Section 3. Usage of combustion processes and the impact of the explosion in industry
Kolesov V.I., Konovalov A.N., Korepanova E.O., Patrikeev D.I., Ul'yanov V.A., Yudin N.V.
Pyrotechnic compositions, nanothermites and primary explosives in laser initiating system
Voronkov A.A., Gorbacheva A.I., KulakovaO.V., Kozhevnikov V.G., Pechenev Yu.G.
Development of low-pressure molded explosive compositions for shaped-chargeper for ators
Afiatullov E.H., Ibragimov N.G., Yukov Y.M., Ivanova I.P.
Development of civilian industry products based on salvageable ballistite-type powders and propellants

Section 4. Ecology and safety during blasting operations
Maslennikova O.N., Kochnev P.V.
Role and purposes of designorganization in the special purpose chemistry production field
Tarakanov A.I.
Application problems of the technical regulations of the customs union "On the safety of explosives and explosive-based products"
Suzdaltsev A.L.
New technologies in industrial safety risk management

Section 5. Information, chronicle
Nikolai Vasilyevich Melnikov (to the 110 anniversary)253-254

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