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Issue 101/58 (2009)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Section 1. Theoretical and experimental research in the explosive cases and destruction of rocks
Trubezkoi K.N., Victorov S.D., Kutuzov B.N., Repin N.Iа
Problems of development of explosive business on the terrestrial surface
Krjukov G.M., Dokutovich M.I.
Comparison of theoretical estimations of crushing of rocks by explosion to results of skilled crushing of separateness of limestone on career
Viktorov S.D., Kochanov A.N.
Experimental researches of microstructural changes of samples of rocks at intensive explosive influence
Gordopolov Yu.A., Gordopolova I.S.
Compression of cylindrical shell by sliding detonation wave
Kukib B.N.
Influence of cover material on critical diameter of detonation
Kazakov N.N., Lapikov I.N.
About the form of rock blasting fragmented pieces
Dzhigrin A.V., Butchatski V.M., Murin K.M.
Research of the hole charge's detonation at torpedoing of the difficult collapsible roof
Frantov A.E.
Improved methods for the initiation of mineral extraction

Section 2. The technology of blasting operations in the development of solid mineral deposits
Alexandrov V.N., Sadykov I.F., Bazotov V.J., Vishnjakov A.K., Begashev D.V.
Explosive technique of activation of salt rocks for their hydraulic mining by boreholes
Kusmin S.N., Fadin I.M., Zatevakhin M.A., Brigadin I.W.
The method of decision the problem of ventilation deep career by cascade explosion fam
Ilyukhin V.S., Sosnin V.A., Strakhov A.G., Filinov A.I.
The possibility for emulsion explosives application in sulfide rocks and ores
Alexandrov V.N., Bazotov V.J., Vishnjakov A.K., Begashev D.V., Belin V.A., Krjukov G.M.
The mixed charge of explosive for hydraulic mining by boreholes of rocks from horizontal chambers
Butchatski V.M.
Method of explosion and hydraulic destruction of the main roof's hanging consoles
Bolotov A.B.
Characteristics of blasting operations at dolomit mining pit
Togunov M.B.
Enhancing blasting operations at kovdorskiy mining and processing plant based on non-electric initiation systems
Timoshin V.I., Prokopenko V.S.
Influence of non-electric initiation systems on enhancing blasting technology

Section 3. Industrial explosives and blasting agents
Kutuzov B.N., Ekvist B.V., Bragin P.A.
The results of the industrial tests of electric detonators with electronic set-back
Bovt A.N., Solodilov L.N., Shchukin Yu.G., Strikun T.A., Kolominov I.A.,Chernyshov S.N.
Development of charges based on utilized elements of solid propellants for deep-water seismics in conditions of permafrost and shelf zone of arctic ocean
Guskov S., Dushkin A., Lyakhov Z., Zarko V., Simonenko V., Andreev V.
Application of mechanical and chemical technology for producing pyrotechnical compositions based on ferroalloy and non-organic oxidants
Smirnov A.S., Sosnin V.A., Khvorov F.T., Filinov A.I., Karachev A.G., Mikhailyukova A.I., Kuzmichev D.Yu.
Issues concerning detonation velocity determination
Derzhavets A.S., Rudneva T.G., Filchakov A.A., Stolyarov P.N.
Issue about possibility of rating emulsion used in industrial explosives production to a subclass 5.1. “Emulsion, suspension or gel of ammonium nitrate used as intermediate raw material in high explosives production”
Ilyin V.P., Gorokhovtsev A.G., Boitsov V.I., Pechenev Yu.G., Kozhevnikov V.G., Bastrakov N.I.
Commercial booster charges as one of fgup “GOSNII “Kristall” innovation activity trends
Shalygin N.K., Mardasov O.F., Babinsteva V.V., Isakova L.V., Novikov B.V., Zaysteva N.B.
Experience of creating plants for patronize emulsion explosives at industry factories (FSUE “DVPO “Sunrise“, Fsue “Plant “Plastic“)
Shalygin N.K., Markov P.P., Glinski V.P., Ogurtsov V.M.
Special vehicles for joint transportation of explosives and si payload capacity of up to 1 ton (EX-II -type)
Sher E., Andreev V., Grishin А.
Seismic fluctuations in application of high-precision electronic and non-electric blasting systems
Zykov A., Taekin V., Timoshin I.
Application of non-electric initiation SINV-systems and electric detonators with electronic delay at “Vzryvprom yuga Kuzbassa”
Ilyin V.P., Tarakanov A.I., Chekalina L.K., Verkhoturova V.E.
Legislative documents in the sphere of commercial explosives

Section 4. Environment and safety during blasting operations
Kukib B.N., Yoffe V.B.
Ignition of methane-air mixture during the detonation of explosive charges with open surface
Kushnerov P.I., Petrov E.A., Bukhanov V.I.
Analysis of development and test results of safety explosives for coal mines
Shvedov K.K.
The investigation of ammonium nitrate decomposition plenitude diring the explosion mixture at its basis by the soil analysis
Fokin V.A., Togunov M.B., Shitov Y.B.
About seismic safety methods of near contour blocks blasting in a deep open pits
Paramonov G.P., Chernobay V.I.
The formation of sulfur dioxide and its inhibition in conditions of brisant coverage of products detonation at the sulfur-containing rocks explosive destruction
Artemov V.A., Vinogradova E.Yu., Vinogradov Yu.I., Gendler S.G.
Influence of parity between depth of charge placing and weight of explosive on seismoblast waves parameters in near zone of explosion

Section 5. Information events
Development of N.V. Melnikov ideas in the field of integrated development of mineral resources (on the 100th anniversary of Academician N.V. Melnikov)308-310
The results of the IV international scientific-practical conference "The Russian system of non-electric blasting SINV - 10 years. Experience. Problems. Prospects"311-314
Итоги международной научно-практической конференции «Российской системе неэлектрического взрывания СИНВ – 10 лет. Опыт. Проблемы. Перспективы»315-315
Shemiakin E.I. - obituary316-317
Information about the authors318-323
 Editorial board324-326

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