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Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 102/59 (2009)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Section 1. Theoretical and experimental research in the explosive cases and destruction of rocks
Gordopolov Yu.A., Gordopolova I.S.
Acceleration of projectile plate by sliding detonation wave: numerical modeling
Rakishev B.R., Auezova A.M., Samenov G.K.
Study of explosion cracking in transparent blocks
S. Buravova
The fracture mechanism of solid bodies at contact pulse loading
Paramonov G.P., Kovalevski V. N., Kirsanov O.N.
Some features of the kinetics of an autocatalytic burning and ignition reaction of sodium chlorate with polyethylene in a manometrical bomb
Pervukhin L.B., Pervukhina O.L.
Features of explosives for industrial production of bimetals by explosion welding
Kazakov N.N.
Numerical parametres of a wave of pressure on radiation border

Section 2. Development and usage of explosive technologies for mineral deposits mining
Belin V.A., Krukov G.M., Vaver P.A., Zhavoronko S.N.
Evaluating the parameters of explosive rock crushing in open pits
Rakishev B.R., Muhamedzhanov E.B., Auezova A.M.
Rational parameters of hole load charges position in situ rock
Fokin V.A.
About choice standard of judgement to intensities of the rock massive dynamic loading under production blasts in open pit conditions
Sisoev A.A., Grishin S.V., Kokin S.V.
Parameters of preliminary contour blasting as dewatering blasting blocks
Shkumatov A.N., Kendiukh S.N.
Improving of explosive construction technology for the mine excavations connection on ukrainian mines
Frantov А.Е., Zakalinsky V.M.
Method of explosive preparation of ore of in combination open-pit and underground mining
Menzhulin M.G. Trofimov A.V. Zakharian M.V.
Two stages destruction of boulder by mud-capping and oblong cumulative charges placed in special safety device
Akhanov T.M.
Drilling and blasting works for breakage of the interchamber pillars by secondary mining of zhezkhazgan copperfields

Section 3. Industrial explosives anf initiation devices
Strshinov A.V, Neiman V.R., Bakulin V.N., Kozak G.D., Litovka O.B., Zhamian Zh.
Results of investigation of anfo mixtures on base of different raw materials
Fokin V.A.
The method quality of the emulsion explosives on the velocity of detonation
Demchenko N.G.
Role of water in composition of industrial explosives
Mamedov Z.Y, Kalkiy L.N.
Selection of emulsion explosives for the effective conduction blasting operations
Kalinichev A.Yu., Voronov I.L., Ibragimov A.A., Shchukin Yu.G., Chernyshov S.N., Strikun T.A., Kolominov I.A.
Commercial explosives based on dnt and an for mechanical charging in mining sulfide ore
Mamedov Z.
Influence of various factors on the emulsion explosives final density of under load the wells
Andreev V.V, Ignatenko A.G.
Recent blasting systems

Section 4. Ecology and safety at blasting
Dobrynin I.A., Victorov S.D., Shlyapin A.V.
Research of skilled explosions for the forecast of influence of explosion of the dam by training Kambaratinsky HES-2
Kukib B.N.
Ignition of methane-air mixture during the detonation of explosive charges with open lateral surface
Menzhulin M.G., Zakharian M.V., Trofimov A.V., Afanasiev P.I.
Appraisal depreciation of seismic blast waves impact on buildings, basis on estimate of fracture nucleus
Paramonov G.P.,Shalaev M.S.
Reducing exposure from single blasting on water resources apply to blast work engineering; as example were taken bastard granite in lahdenpohskiy region of republic Karelia

Section 6. Information events
Viktorov S.D., Zakaliпsky J.M., Fraпtov А.Е.
Тhе 6-th international conference оп physical problems of rock destruction
Serve the cause: To the Kolganova E.V. 60th anniversary, Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Research Institute "Kristall"233-237
Shemiakin E.I. (to the 80-th anniversary)238-239
Information about the authors240-243

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