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Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 102/59 (2009)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Section 1. Theoretical and experimental research in the explosive cases and destruction of rocks
UDC 632.215.2+621.787
Gordopolov Yu.A., Gordopolova I.S. (Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science)

Acceleration of projectile plate by sliding detonation wave: numerical modeling

Keywords:projectile plate, detonation waves, high explosives

Acceleration of projectile plate by a sliding detonation wave was modeled by numerical calculations. The flow of detonation products behind the detonation wave was analyzed to determine the pressure acting on the plate. Then the parameters of acceleration were derived from detailed analysis of plate motion. The suggested algorithm taking into account a real geometry of detonation front can be recommended for relatively simple determination of required plate configuration and acceleration parameters.

UDC 622 233: 622 235
Rakishev B.R., Auezova A.M., Samenov G.K.

Study of explosion cracking in transparent blocks

Keywords:extended charge shot explosions, ВВ capacity, transparent block, organic glass, radial main crack, fine radial crack

The article describes the results of experimental explosions in transparent blocks made of organic glass and zones of big main and fine radial cracks.

UDC 539.63
S. Buravova

The fracture mechanism of solid bodies at contact pulse loading

Keywords:shock, spalling damage, channel cracks, interference, adiabatic strips

The interference of rarefaction waves during shock loading on a solid body is accompanied by formation spalling channel and cylindrical cracks which are responsible for crushing of a material under a zone of contact. The account of wave interference has allowed revealing the multiple character of the pulsed loading of a target, the periodic character of deceleration extended flayer and stage-by-stage character of fracture under a contact zone. None of these phenomena has been described in the literature.

UDC 622.235:622.272:541.127:541.129
Paramonov G.P., Kovalevski V. N., Kirsanov O.N.

Some features of the kinetics of an autocatalytic burning and ignition reaction of sodium chlorate with polyethylene in a manometrical bomb

Keywords:bomb, chlorate of sodium, polythene, tubes, speed of burning, flammable structure

Results of comparative calculations are resulted on the basis of the equations autocatalytic reactions of speeds of burning and outflow of products of combustion of system chlorate of sodium and polypropylene (polythene) as tubules depending on a share of chloride of sodium in a composition. The share of chloride of the sodium is determined by calculation, the most satisfy experimental data and surpasses those for layer systems. The structure of an igniter on a basis KCLO4 and a powder of the aluminium - magnesian alloy, the meeting most the requirements of dynamics of process is offered.

UDC 621.791.76:621.7.004.2
Pervukhin L.B., Pervukhina O.L.

Features of explosives for industrial production of bimetals by explosion welding

Keywords:explosion welding, velocity of detonation, inert material, layer thickness, parameters

Quality of clad metal by explosion welding manufacture defines the energy carrier. It is explosive. It is established the free surface of a charge essentially influences the velocity of detonation and explosive stability. Allocation of inert material layer on a surface of large-sized charges reduces occurrence probability of defects. Use as explosive mix of the granulated microporous ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel allows providing structure stability and charge density on all its surfaces.

UDC 622.235
Kazakov N.N.

Numerical parametres of a wave of pressure on radiation border

Keywords:wave, pressure, mass speed, radiation border, numerical values

In article the conclusion of the formula of definition of the maximum mass speed in a cylindrical wave of pressure on radiation border is resulted. Results of calculation of numerical values of parameters of a wave on three groups of conditions of detonation are resulted.


Section 2. Development and usage of explosive technologies for mineral deposits mining
UDC 622.235
Belin V.A., Krukov G.M., Vaver P.A. (MSMU)

Evaluating the parameters of explosive rock crushing in open pits

Keywords:structurally deformed areas, adjustable and non-adjustable crushed zones, extended charge, reduction range, degree of fracturing

The paper reveals correlations for calculating the parameters of explosive rock crushing with the charge being put on a block and various structurally deformed areas forming on the block

UDC 622 233: 622 235
Rakishev B.R., Muhamedzhanov E.B., Auezova A.M.

Rational parameters of hole load charges position in situ rock

Keywords:rock, elastic and strength properties of rocks, hole load shots, ВВ characteristics, load position parameters

The article describes a principle of rational arrangement of hole loads in- situ rocks. On its basis there was worked out a method of definition of rational parameters for conducting drill-and-blasting operations in open-cut mines.

UDC 622.235.62
Fokin V.A.

About choice standard of judgement to intensities of the rock massive dynamic loading under production blasts in open pit conditions

Keywords:production blasts, rock massive, stability, the seismic action, standard of judgement

It is offered energy criterion, which more adequately, than one of linear criterion (the offset, velocity, acceleration), reflects the intensity of dynamic loading under production blasts in open pit conditions.

UDC 622.235
Sisoev A.A. (Kuzbass state technical university, Kemerovo)
Grishin S.V., Kokin S.V. (LTD “Kuzbassrasresugol - Vsrivprom”, Kemerovo)

Parameters of preliminary contour blasting as dewatering blasting blocks

Keywords:open cast mine, contour blasting works, dewatering, blasting block

Background and results of calculation parameters of preliminary contour blasting for dewatering blasting blocks on open cast mines are shown.

UDC 622.235.67:622.268.1
Shkumatov A.N., Kendiukh S.N.

Improving of explosive construction technology for the mine excavations connection on ukrainian mines

Keywords:explosive technology, connection, curve – terrace form, rock debris scattering, scattering range

An analyze of the construction technology for the mine excavations’ connection is done. The curve – terrace form of an excavation’s face is described. Laboratory researches of the developed form effect on a range of rock debris scattering are executed. Industrial implementations on the mines are resulted.

UDC 622.235
Frantov А.Е., Zakalinsky V.M. (URAN IPKON RAS)

Method of explosive preparation of ore of in combination open-pit and underground mining

Keywords:demilitarization explosive materials, tubular charge of explosive, combination open-pit and underground mining, combined physical-engineering and physical-chemical technologies

The questions of working off in the area of in combination open-pit and underground mining are considered with the use of physical-engineering and physical-chemical technologies. A variant includes preparation of high ledge with the boring drilling a quarry equipment, explosive preparation of ore to the underground lixiviating of with the use of demilitarization explosive materials.

UDC 622.235
Menzhulin M.G. Trofimov A.V. Zakharian M.V. (SPMI)

Two stages destruction of boulder by mud-capping and oblong cumulative charges placed in special safety device

Keywords:boulders, safety device, mud capping method, initial crack, stress concentration, damping hole, main crack, oblong cumulative charge

In the paper the two stages rock boulder destruction approach is presented. The application and construction of special safety device for rock boulder destruction has been proved. The defining method of parameters of destruction process has been proposed. The result of special safety device full-scale test is presented.

UDC 622.273
Akhanov T.M.

Drilling and blasting works for breakage of the interchamber pillars by secondary mining of zhezkhazgan copperfields

Keywords:secondary mining, burst ore from pillar, explosive consumption, pillar extraction, breakage the top

In this article gived the received in consequence of processing statistical facts the optimum parameters of blasting breakage of interchamber pillars on the Zhezkhazgan mines with throw out breaking ore by stump blasting an distance 10-12 m .


Section 3. Industrial explosives anf initiation devices
UDC 612.215.2
Strshinov A.V, Neiman V.R., Bakulin V.N., Kozak G.D., Litovka O.B., Zhamian Zh.

Results of investigation of anfo mixtures on base of different raw materials

Keywords:porous ammonium nitrate, explosive characteristics, combustion liquid addition

Explosive and technological characteristics for mixtures of different combustion liquid addition with porous ammonium nitrate of various marks were investigated. It was shown that foreign porous ammonium nitrate had some advantages in comparison with Russian analogs.

UDC 622.235.213
Fokin V.A.

The method quality of the emulsion explosives on the velocity of detonation

Keywords:emulsion explosives, velocity of detonation, quality, technological requirements

In article is offered the technique of experimental validation of the technological requirements for the quality of emulsion explosives by the factor of velocity of detonation, and it’s based on the results of regular monitoring measurements of this parameter by borehole methods.

UDC 622.235
Demchenko N.G.(IPKON RAS)

Role of water in composition of industrial explosives

Keywords:ammonium nitrate, water content, water-filling, heat of explosion, Akvatol, TNT, emulsion explosive, shockwave sensitivity

The role of water in the compositions of industrial explosives and its influence on the explosive and technological properties of compositions.

UDC 622.235.41
Mamedov Z.Y, Kalkiy L.N.

Selection of emulsion explosives for the effective conduction blasting operations

Keywords:emulsion explosives, viscosity, massif, emulsifier

The influence of the emulsion formulations viscosity for effectiveness of blasting operations is described. Also article shows dependence of the viscosity from the dispersed phase of the emulsion matrix components and methods for its regulation

UDC 622.235.41
Kalinichev A.Yu. (OAO «Uchalinskiy TOK»)
Voronov I.L., Ibragimov A.A. (FKP «Avangard»)
Shchukin Yu.G., Chernyshov S.N., Strikun T.A., Kolominov I.A. (OAO «NTTs «Rosvzryvobezopasnost’»)

Commercial explosives based on dnt and an for mechanical charging in mining sulfide ore

Keywords:seditol, mechanical charging

The paper presents considerations on the expediency of new explosive Seditol application for wells and blast-holes mechanical charging. Seditol characteristics, the process of production and the results of tests are described.

UDC 622.235.41
Mamedov Z.

Influence of various factors on the emulsion explosives final density of under load the wells

Keywords:emulsion explosives, density, gas-generating additive, charge

Considered one of the main characteristics of Emulsion Explosives - density. Described the influence of loading conditions and initial parameters of the matrix on the column density of charge formation. Methods for its regulation is proposed.

UDC 622.235.535.2
Andreev V.V, Ignatenko A.G.

Recent blasting systems

Keywords:blasting and drilling operations, blasting in mines, daylight area

The author gives the description of blasting systems ensuring reliability, accuracy and security. Use cases are listed as applied for blasting in pits and in daylight areas.


Section 4. Ecology and safety at blasting
UDC 622.235
Dobrynin I.A., Victorov S.D., Shlyapin A.V.

Research of skilled explosions for the forecast of influence of explosion of the dam by training Kambaratinsky HES-2

Keywords:explosive, building, explosion, breed moving, dam

In article conditions and results of researches of the skilled explosions spent on a place of projected large-scale explosion spent for the purpose of creation of a dam on Kambaratinsky HES-2 are resulted.
As a result of carrying out of skilled explosions optimum parametres of charges industrial explosive, providing demanded crushing and vector moving of rock are established.

UDC 622.235.213
Kukib B.N. (Nitro Sibir, Moskow)

Ignition of methane-air mixture during the detonation of explosive charges with open lateral surface

Keywords:ignition, methane-air mixture, explosive, velocity of detonation, limited charge

The paper concern of the methane-air mixtures ignition by explosive charges with open lateral surface.

UDC 622.235
Menzhulin M.G., Zakharian M.V., Trofimov A.V., Afanasiev P.I.

Appraisal depreciation of seismic blast waves impact on buildings, basis on estimate of fracture nucleus

Keywords:initial crack, seismic blast wave, blasting works, stress concentration, ultimate strength, crack growth, endurance ratio

In the article the seismic blast wave on building basis on re-calculation of permissible velocity of ground vibration to stress waves by analytical method is presented. The stress condition in units of building at refraction of seismic waves and following crack growth is reviewed. The results of tests on strength of the building material subject to durability coefficient is presented.

UDC 622.235
Paramonov G.P.,Shalaev M.S.

Reducing exposure from single blasting on water resources apply to blast work engineering; as example were taken bastard granite in lahdenpohskiy region of republic Karelia

Keywords:water bodies, blast work, seismic effect, screening, short-delay blasting

Were analyzed different ways how to reduce seismic effect from blast works especially on aquatic organisms, were developed methodic, which allow to value level of seismic effect on planning stage


Section 6. Information events
UDC 622.235
Viktorov S.D., Zakaliпsky J.M., Fraпtov А.Е. (URAN IPKON RAS)

Тhе 6-th international conference оп physical problems of rock destruction

Keywords:mountain breeds, explosive destruction, emulsion explosive, nitrate of ammonium, waves of tensions, disintegration of mountain breeds, factious composition, selective destruction

At conference the problems of destruction of mountain breeds were considered in the processes of mountain production, questions of mathematical design, development of bases of destruction of high ledges large-scale explosions, study of properties of папо - and mikrochastic factions, applications of new explosives, and also physics of explosive processes, are in nitrate of ammonium, questions of safety and efficiency of application of explosive.

Serve the cause: To the Kolganova E.V. 60th anniversary, Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Research Institute "Kristall"233-237
Shemiakin E.I. (to the 80-th anniversary)238-239
Information about the authors240-243

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