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Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 105/62 (2011)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Section 1. Theoretical and experimental studies on explosions and fracture of rocks
Belin V.A., Krukov G.M.
Results of rocks fracture by explosion theory development
Kazakov N.N., Tsukerman A.I.
The general classification of rocks by explosibility
Raikova V.M., Annikov V.E., Veprikova А.А.
Calculation of explosion heat of watergel explosives containing aluminum
Odintsev V.N.
Modelling of geomaterial strength decrease under pulse and wave impaction
Kochanov A.N.
About the role of wave and gas factors on process of explosive prefracture and destruction of rocks

Section 2. Development and usage of explosive technologies for mineral deposits mining
Belin V.А., Krukov G.М., Dugartcyrenov А.V., Kamolov S.А., Ismailov Т.Т.
The general principles of a choice of parameters of chisel and explosive works at detonation of difficult structural files of rocks
Menzhulin M. G, Fedoseev A.V., Zaharjan M. V, Afonasev P. I, Bulbashev A.A.
Calculation of blasting parameters on the basis of interface of zones destructions for porous and cracked breeds
Vinogradov Ya.I.
Principles of drilling and blasting operation parameters calculation based on invariants of crushing
Zakalinskiy V.M., Frantov A.E.
About the continuity priciple of technological solutions for blasting
Ismailov T.T., Kamolov Sh.A.
The rock deformation process in explosion of long combined charge
Shlyapin A.V., Lapikov I.N.
Influence of hole charges number on particle size distribution of rock mass
Kozub A.V.
Determination parameters of two-ledge blocks with variable height

Section 3. Industrial explosives and initiation devices research
Kukib B.N., Lavrov V.V., Demchenko N.G.
Experimental investigation of a detonation ability of ammonium nitrate
Viktorov S.D., Starshinov A.V., Zhamjan Zh.
Experimental estimation and comparison of work of multicomponent explosives of various structure
Kozyrev S.A., Vlasova E.A., Sokolov A.V.
Study of properties and experimental determination of the effectiveness of explosive simple mixture anfo at pneumatic charging
Akimushkin Y.A., Andreev V.V.
Improving borehole non-electric explosion initiation system
Semejkin N.P., Sharshin J.A., Ekvist B.V.
Disclosure of explosives with the aid of analysis of resonance condition in radio-frequency field
Borovikov V.A., Slastenko V.K., Atojan G.L.
About the interconnection between the density of charging and the intensity of the shock wave and fracture behavior
Starshinov A.V., Kostylev S.S., Alexeeva O.A., Miletenko I.V.
Technical and metodical bases of explosives efficiency ensuring for excavation preparation
Sosnin A.V.
Influence of the sizes and parameters of microspheres for speed of a detonation in emulsion explosives

Section 4. Ecology and safety at blasting
Paramonov G.P., Mironov J.A., Chernobay V.I., Andreev R.E., Moldovan D.V.
Increase of efficiency and safety of explosive works at carrying out of mountain developments on pyrite mines
Makhrakov I.V.
Method for bump hazard for blasting work prediction in the mines of JSC "SUBR"
Fokin V.A., Togunov M.B., Shitov Y.A.
To the question of efficiency of application of electronic detonators for decrease in seismic action of mass explosions of hole charges
Artemov V.A., Vinogradov J.I., Kholodilov A.N., Gustov S.V., Shcherbakov N.J.
Research of seismosafe conditions of production of mass explosions on JSC "Novoshirokinskoye mine"
Kozlovskaya T.F.
Ecological risk as measure of estimation of ecological danger of application of explosives on openworks of minerals

Section 5. Explosion usage in other fields and various technological processes
Menzhulin M.G., Zakharian M.V., Trofimov A.V.
Method of forecasting of seismic stability of buildings and constructions on the basis of criterion of decrease in durability summary
Paramonov G.P., Kovalevskij V.N., Kirsanov O.N.
Experience of application gasgenerating of structures at extraction of the block stone on open-cust mine building materials
Dudaev S.A.
Explosive technologies and equipment for increasing productivity of oil and gas wells
Tulebaev K.K
Seismic effect of different explosive types on the camera’s roof

Section 6. Information events
To Kutuzov B.N 80-th anniversary306-308
Information about the authors309-312

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