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Issue 106/63 (2011)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Section 1. Theoretical and experimental studies on explosions and fracture of rocks
UDC 532.593
Gordopolov Yu.A., Denisova N.A.,Poletaev A.V., Trofimov V.S.

About the detonation of a stoichiometric mixture ZN-S summary

Keywords: detonation, gasless detonation, a stoichiometric mixture, ZnS, brisance

In this article the proving of satisfaction of a stoichiomentric mixture to the criterion of detonation ability at any porosity is given. Investigation results of combustion and detonation initiation in the stoichiomentric mixture Zn-S by wire explosion and incandescent coil in the steel reactors of different dimension type are shown.

UDC 622.235
Belin V.A., Brigadin I.V., Bydkov A.M., Krasnov S.A.

Numerical calculation of mass explosion parameters

Keywords: mass explosion, slow detonation, numerical calculation, system of managements, model of deformation of environment

In article statement of a problem for the first time is executed and through numerical calculation of mass explosion with a delay of initiation in each chink is lead. Influence of time of a delay on efficiency of crushing of breed is shown. Numerical calculations will be coordinated to experimental data and open the physical nature slow detonations.

UDC 622.235

Mass speed of particles in a wave on radiation border

Keywords: wave, pressure, mass speed, radiation border, numerical values

In article the model camouflet is given a cavity at explosion of a cylindrical charge. The technique of definition of the maximum and phase speeds of particles in the cylindrical and spherical waves formed at explosion скважинного of a charge in hills is stated

UDC 622.235:620.22
Zhelunitsyn Yu.P., Frantov A.E.

Assessment of the ring jet charge active part

Keywords: cumulative effects, ring jet charge, the active part of the charge, the shape of the cumulative surface, instantaneous detonation, the expansion wave

The article presents a theoretical method for estimating the active part of the ring jet charge with various forms of cumulative surface. The results of calculations of the active part of the ring jet charge in the triangular and parabolic shape of the cumulative extraction.

UDC 622.023
Levankovskiy I.A., Norel B.K., Murin K.M., Gusev N.N. (IGD A.A.Skochinskogo)
Makhrakov I.V. (SUBR)

Additional physical parameter characterizing the type of stress state of rocks with a bulk loading to describe the mechanical processes of explosion

Keywords: mechanical properties of rocks, volume loading, fracture, burst

We describe the scientific principles of the mechanism of rock burst. Given the mechanical effect of intensive study of the states and the level of compression on the mechanical and strength properties of rocks.


Section 2. Development and usage of explosive technologies for mineral depos-its mining
UDC 622.235
S.D. Viktorov, N.N. Kazakov, A.V. Shlyapin (RAS ICEMR)
Kretov S.I., Kozub A.V. (JSC «Mikhailovsky GOK»)

The application of emulsion explosives for ore crushing double blocks in the career of JSC "Mikhailovsky GOK"

Keywords: blasting; double blocks; explosive; emulsion; gas-generating additive

In this article, given the scientific-technical decision on the application of emulsion EXPLOSIVES brands "Granemit" for charging the holes variable height for the large-scale breaking ores and rocks double blocks in the conditions of JSC "Mikhailovsky GOK"

UDC 622.235
Krukov G.M. (MSMU)
Zhavoronko S.N. (JDC “PSY Gidrospecstroy”)

No-oversized loosening explosion rocks at the pits for mining rubble

Keywords: rock, blasting, specific consumption, the output of oversized, the parameters of blasting

The relations for calculating the parameters of blasting in mining gravel in open pits for no oversized prey

UDC 622.235
Kozyrev S. A. Zvonar A.Yu.

Increase of efficiency and safety for explosive breaking in the underground mines of the Khibiny deposits when using emulsive explosives

Keywords: emulsive explosives, borehole charging, initialization, detonation, parameters of drilling and blasting operations

There have been shown research results of studying the gasification process of “Sabtek” emulsive explosives in the uprising boreholes at the underground mines of “Apatit” JSC under different emulsion temperatures. Based on this there have been shown results of development of parameters for the borehole charging, initialization and blasting to increase an efficiency and safety of borehole breaking at the underground mines when using emulsive explosives.

UDC 622.235.22
Paramonov G.P., Kovalevskiy V.N. (St. Petersburg State Mining University)
Dambaev J.G. (Ulan-Ude Institute of Railway Transport)

Assessment of dynamic effects on a massif of elongated cumulative charges with dampening gasket

Keywords: shock wave, the constructions of the charge, explosive loading, elongated cumulative charge, damping gasket, directed destruction

The article examines the main factors governing the process of explosive loading of the mountain massif. It is noted that one of the options to ensure the redistribution of energy of the explosion in destructible environments, is the use of cumulative elongated charges with dampening core. In the article we can see experimental datas of the dynamic loading of models blocks by the explosion elongated cumulative charge with inert gasket with different acoustic stiffness

UDC 622.235
Fokin V.A., Togunov M.B., Semkin S.V., Shitov Y.A.

Estimation to defensive efficiency of the presplitting on a results of seismic measurements at production mass blast in open pit

Keywords: explosive material, hole charges, mass blast, seismic action, presplitting

In article are shown a results of the analysis to intensities of the seismic action mass blast in main zone of a open pit and in his near contour zone (in condition of the presplitting), got as of measurements “in-situ”

UDC 622.235
Dugartsyrenov A.V.

The physical nature and the mechanism of destruction of rock at camouflet explosion

Keywords: pressure, destruction, explosion, blast, joints, rock

There is new approach to the mechanism of rock fragmenation at camouflet explosion in article. Formulas for radius of adjustable fragmentation for the concentrated and extended charges are received. Its consider rock compressibility, strength on rupture, porosity, joints and other parameters. The calculation example is resulted


Section 3. Industrial explosives and initiation devices research
UDC 622.235.213
Kukib B.N., Lavrov V.V., Demchenko N.G.

Analyses of results on the ammonium nitrate detonation

Keywords: ammonium nitrate, detonation velocity, critical diameter

The analyses of investigations on ammonium nitrate detonation were carried out. There were classified three types of the explosion processed: high velocity detonation, low velocity detonation and falling processes

UDC 622.235.2
Goncharov A.I., Kulikov V.I. (IDG RAS)

Determination of efficiency of explosives by seismic effect of explosion

Keywords: seismic wave, the maximum speed of the oscillations, the energy seismic waves

The paper proposes a method for determining efficiency of explosives in mass units full-time explosives for seismic effect of explosion in soil. The results of this method in the explosions at Ground-state tests in Chernogolovka

UDC 662.2.033+099.4
Vasilishin M.S., Petrov E.A., Balahnina A.V., Ivanov O.S., Ahmadeev I.R.

To the estimation of size of ablation of crystal nitrate of sodium from the device with the pulsing layer

Keywords: pulsing layer, material ablation

The description of laboratory setup and technique of carrying out of experiments by definition of size of ablation of crystal nitrate of sodium from a pulsing layer is resulted. Degree influence of technological parameters on a process course is established. Empirical dependence for calculation of a constant of speed of ablation is received. Comparison of experimental and settlement values of size of ablation of a material from the device is resulted

UDC 622.235
Kogan V.L., Dobrynin I.A.,Gisin E.A., Kuparev S.V.

The influence of storage duration on granulites RP explosive properties

Keywords: explosives, charge, intermediate detonator, detonation velocity

The article presents the condition and results of the study the effect of prolonged storage of granulites RP» on its explosive properties.

UDC 622.235.361
Makhrakov I.V (SUBR)

Theoretical determination of the critical conditions for the complete camouflet blasting borehole explosive charge

Keywords: ouflet blowing, deep-hole charge, the length of tamping

The calculations and obtained relationships enable us to determine the length of the tamping for full explosion of camouflet borehole charge

UDC 662.235
Starshinov A.V.

Some parameters of the quality estimation and the classification of the mixed explosives components

Keywords: explosives, mixed systems, ammonium nitrate, components, quality criteria, classification

The brief analysis of some features of the structure and behavior in the detonation processes of the condensed explosives of the various nature, structure and texture is offered. It is admitted that practically all industrial explosives are mixed systems, especially taking into account the impurities and objectively not removed defects of primary structural formations in their structure. The behavior of such systems to a great extent is defined by the structure of each component and all composition of the explosive, including a charge made from explosive directly before the moment of the explosive transformation. With reference to the most widespread group od the explosives based on the ammonium nitrate the criteria of the estimation of raw materials with allocation of classification features within the limits of the known technical and technological decisions are offered

UDC 622.235.222
Kushnerov P.I. (Kemerovo branch of JDC “Vzryispytaniay”)
Panchishin O.V. (Scientific Center “Eastern Research Institute”)

Using industrial wastes in making explosives as a new way of their effective and safe utilization

Keywords: industrial wastes, polymers, polyethylene, cardboard, aluminium, granulated explosives, emulsive explosives, charges, bore hole

The article offers the results of comparison trials for different industrial explosives, including the new ones, which were made from recycled materials (wastes) or while forming borehole charges from explosives with recycled materials (wastes). The constructions of such charges, one component of which is recycled materials (wastes), are proposed to be regarded as a new trend in their utilization. This is a new way for making market channels for recycling of wastes or products made from them


Section 4. Using of explosion and combustion processes in other fields, and various industrial processes. Aspects of security
UDC 622.233
Gendler S.G.,Vinogradov U.I., Lebedev M.O.

Seismic influence of explosions on lining operating tunnels at the construction of bypass

Keywords: concrete lining, displacement rate, seismic effects, destruction, explosion

The value of admissible drift velocity concrete lining, defining level of seismic influence at which destruction process lining begins is discussed. Results of experimental researches of seismic influence of explosions on concrete lining at construction connections the Navaginsky railway tunnel is presented. Dependence for definition of dimensionless of drift velocity as the dimensionless parameters, including technological index drilling and blasting operation and physic mechanical property of rock is determined

UDC 622.235
Dzhigrin A.V., Isaev I.R. (IGD A.A.Skochinskogo)

Assessing the consequences of methane and dust explosions in coal mines

Keywords: explosion, methane, coal dust, the mathematical model, optimization

On the basis of the optimization problem solution an assessment of dust and methane explosions effects in coal mines is providing with an estimating of economic loss.

UDC 622.235: 541.127
Paramonov G.P., Kovalevskij V.N. (The St.-Petersburg state mountain university)
Kirsanov O.N. («Bowels»)

Gas dynamics conditions of stability of burning of structures on the basis of chlorate of sodium and hydrocarbons

Keywords: burning, a detonation, explosion, chlorate of sodium, hydrocarbons, diesel fuel, gunpowder, rocks

In work on the basis of the experimental and settlement data conditions of transition of burning in explosion for structures are considered on the basis of chlorate of sodium and hydrocarbons

UDC 622.235
Dzhigrin A.V., Gorlov A.Y., Gorlov Y.V., Silina L.B. (IGD A.A.Skochinskogo)

Device for combined coal seam weakening in order to improve its drainage development

Keywords: weakening, degassing, gas, hydraulic device, air cartridge

The paper presents a combined method of weakening coal SEAM based on CO2 and water injection with the exacerbation of the energy of compressed air in order to improve reservoir drainage, and construction of a special device to implement the presented method of weakening

UDC 662.2-391.4
Garifullin R.Sh., Bazotov V.Y., Mokeev А.А., Salnikov A.S.

The analysis of results of calculation of structure of products of burning of thermoplastic solid fuel, intended for increases of debit of oil wells

Keywords: thermoplastic firm fuel; powdery elastomers; combustion products; an oxidizer; an oil well

In work settlement researches of structure of products of combustion of the thermoplastic solid fuel intended for increase of debit of oil wells are executed. Researches are executed by means of a program complex of thermodynamic calculations «Termo». In a fuel compounding used thermoplastic elastomers in a powdery kind – butyl rubber and butadiene-nitril rubber in a mix with known oxidizers – ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate and potassium perchlorate. By results of research the conclusion is drawn, that as an oxidizer it is preferable to use nitrate of ammonium, a technological basis – any of presented elastomers

UDC 622.235.535.2
Tulebaev K.K. (D.A. Kunaev mining institute)

Seismic blasting action on a partially decorated pillar bearing

Keywords: pillar, blasting, charge, seismic impact, dynamic tension, stability

Determined regularities of blast waves on different sections of support pillars depending on the reduced charge weight. It is established that in blasting ledge-free face the maximum dynamic stresses occur in the horizontal direction of the middle part of partially decorated pillar


Section 6. Information events
Information about the 22-th World Mining Congress and Equipment and mining technologies exhibition266-268
Results of the first scientific and practical conference "Improvement of the technology of blasting at mining enterprises of Kazakhstan"269-272
To Kushnerov P.I. 80-th anniversary 273-275
To Dzhigrin A.V. 55-th anniversary276-277
Krukov G.M. Obituary278-279
Information about the authors280-282
Editorial board283-284

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