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Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 107/64 (2012)

Theory and practice of blasting work

Detailed view
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Introductory remarks by Director of JSC JSC “GosNII “Kristall” E.V. Kolganov3-4
Introductory remarks by Head of "Rustechnologia" corporation in the Nizhny Novgorod region Delegation I.N.Karyagin5-5

Section 1. Theoretical and experimental studies on the development of industrial explosives and initiation detonators
Ilyukhin V.S., Kolganov E.V., Sosnin V.A., Makogon L.V., Lobaeva L.V., Sergeev A.G., Zhukov A.M., Zhamilova V.A., Besedin E.I.
Development of permissible emulsion explosives
Trofimov V.S.
About possibility of determination of fiziko-kinetic parameters of the reacting condensed medium in shock–wave experiment
Gan’kin Yu.A., Valeshny S.I., Stolmakov E.A., Ilyin V.P., Kolganov E.V., Sosnin V.A. Filinov A.I.
Investigation of regenerated ammonium nitrate application for production of commercial explosives**
Obrazcov S.A.
Advanced developments of commercial explosives in Kalinovsky chemical works
Mokeev А.А.,Soldatova А.S.,Badretdinova L.Ch, Sadikov I.F.,Маrsov А.А.
Research of physical stability of the power sated structures of chemically active element intended for processing of oil wells
Garifullin R. SH., Borisov V. M., Моkeev А.А., Salnikov A.S.
Research of power characteristics of thermoplastic solid fuel on the basis of ammonium nitrate and powdery elastomer
V.A.Bragin, I.A.Os’kin, G.G. Savenkov, S.A. Dushenok,V.G. Kulikov,G.V. Semashkin
Possibility of application of explosives with nano metallic additives in high-voltage commercial electric initiation means
Toskin A.A., Savenkov G.G., Os’kin I.A., Bykov A.S.
Development of primary transducers of electric energy in means of initiation
Pechenev Yu.G., Gorbacheva A.I., Ilyin V.P.
Unvestigation of the properties of Okfit-M composition based on recovered HMX
Gabdullin R.Kh., Akhmetov I.Z., Sosnin V.A.
Investigation of booster physical and chemical properties in charging wells with aquatol

Section 2. State and prospects of industrial production of explosives and initiation detonators
Sosnin V.A.
World trends in the development of commercial explosives
M.V. Ageev,V.I. Varenitsa, V.K. Popov
State and prospects of application of commercial initiation means
Ilyukhin V.C., Smyshlyaeva N.A., Tarasov V.A., Kudryashov V.G., Lokotilov N.O., Sukhorukov I.A.
Cartridged emulsion explosive composition for blasting operations in underground mining
Morozov K.E., Korunov V.N. Filinov A.I., Kolyashova S.V.
Development of modern production lines for commercial emulsion explosives used in mining enterprises
Korunov V.N., Morozov K.E., Filinov A.I.
Experience in operation of production units and application of emulsion explosives developed in “GosNII “Kristall”
Alexandrov V.N., Ivanov N.B., Surkova I.Y., Evseeva T.P., Bazotov V.J.
Detonating cords of high effects and statting to agressing mediums

Section 3. Blasting operations technology. safety and ecology
Victorov S.D., Zakalinskiy V.M.
Explosive destruction of rock massifs in Russia
Timofeev I.N., Gulenkov E.V.
Practice of emulsion explosive application in JSC “Polyus”
Karachev A.G., Ilyin B.P., Kozhevnikov V.G., Mikhailyukova A.I., Khvorov F.T.
Approaches for assessment of safe operation and detonation characteristics of commercial explosives
Simonov P.S.
Definition of ability of explosives to smoking at blast
Bondarenko I.F., Khon V.I., Nikitin R.Y.
Specific features of emulsion explosives application in conditions of kimberlite open pits of “Alrosa” OJSC
Taubkin I.S.
About lacks of a regulation of explosion safety of manufactures explosives of industrial assignment
Kushnerov P.I., Panchishin O.V., Panchishin V.Ja.
The methods of evaluating the effectiveness of explosives
Kazakov N.N., Tsukerman A.I.
Computer division into districts of a career field on explosibility of rocks
Kolganov E.V., Ilyin V.P., Tarakanov A.I., Varenyh N.V.
Prospects of legal system changing in the field of explosives
Dzhigrin A.V., Gorlov A.Y.,Gorlov Y.V.
Study of coal seam fracture by pneumatic power cartridges
Sargsyan G.N.
Investigation of pulsations phenomena at chain gas-phase reactions of oxidation of organic compounds
Tulebaev K.K.
Destruction of free surface area rock under the influence of seismic waves

Section 4. Information events
The results of V interdisciplinary scientific-technical conference "Industrial explosives: status and prospects of development and application"296-301
The results of the Scientific Council of RAS meeting on the Problems of national economic usage of explosions302-302
Viktorov S.D., Zakalinskiy V.M., Shlyapin A.V.
International Scientific Conference "Physical problems of rock destruction"
On the 20th anniversary of the JSC "Vzryvispytaniya" formation306-308
New opportunities for the packaging of industrial explosives

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