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Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 110/67 (2013)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Section 1. The development and usage of explosive technology at solid minerals mining and other areas
Trubetskoy K.N., Viktorov S.D., Zakalinsky V.M.
Improving the efficiency of blasting operations at the development of mineral deposits
Paramonov G.P., Brigadin I.V., Chernobay V.I., Jacenko A.K.
About one approach to model destruction of solid rock underground explosion
Belin V.А., Brigadin I.V, Budkov A.M., Krasnov S.A.
Numerical calculation of long kamuflet blast charge
Zharikov I.F.
Development of technological circuits of explosions for overburden movement to the emerging space
Menzhulin M.G., Afаnasev P. I., Khoreva A.Y.
Method of determination sizes range zones of destructions from the single cylindrical charge taking into account its sizes, range dissipation energy and dynamic break-down point
Dugartsyrenov A.V.
Blasting rocks using a confined blasting method
Kim S.I.
Investigating the blasting of complex structure rock massifs using the confined blasting method

Section 2. Theoretical and experimental studies of detonation processes, man-ufacturing technology and properties of industrial explosives and initiating devices
Iliyn V.P., Sosnin V.A., Ilyukhin V.S., Smyshlyaeva N.A.
Emulsion boosters
Zhuchenko E.I., Ioffe V.B., Kukib B.N.
Detonation of boreholes, containing emulsion explosives sensitized by gas bubbles
Iliyn V.P., Sosnin V.A, Morozov K.E.
Modular and container plants for emulsion explosive production
Kukib B.N.
Influence of the chemical composition oxidazes solution on detonation velocity and performance of emulsion explosives
Starshinov A.V., Kostylev S.S., Kupriyanov I.Y., Ickovich N.P., Viktorov S.D., Zhamian Z.
Experimental results of determining the detonation ability of different types and structure explosive mixtures
Andreev V.V., Naygeborin I.V.
Advanced systems of distributing and delay detonation
Akinin N.I., Matveev A.A., Trunin V.V., Dubovik A.V.
Sensitivity to impact and detonation parameters for mixtures of okfol-3.5 with nanostructured titanium compounds

Section 3. Safety, expertise, seismic effects of explosion
Kulikov V.I., Etkin M.B.
Seismic action of Kambaratinsk explosion
Derzhavets A.S., Salko A.E., Polkanova D.N.
On updating and peculiarities of expert organizations activities according to changes of law "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities"
Derzhavets A.S., Salko A.E., Popov V.K.
Inspection and analysis of unauthorized operation of electrodetonator ED-8-G during icebreaking blasting
Zharikov I.F., Surovitsky L.V.
Parameters affecting the velocity of propagation of seismic blast waves
Surovitsky L.V.
Vibration characteristics of the underground pipeline while the seismic waves action, caused by the explosion, calculated on the model of pipeline

Section 4. Study of combustion and detonation processes in other areas
Dzhigrin A.V., Gorlov Y.V., Gorlov A.Y., Antoniev A.V., Smirnov N.N., Rybakin B.P., Nikitin V.F.
Estimation of automatic systems ASVP-LV.1M efficiency on localization of methane and coal dust explosion in “Vorkutinskaya” mine
Sargasyan G.N.
Redistribution of energy in the coal mine environment as one of the causes of dust-air mixtures ignition and the shock wave appearance
Prokhorov E.V., Mukhutdinov A.R., Vahidova Z.R.
Use neural network methods to identify features of the combustion process solid fuels
Sakhansky Y.V.
Application of the quadripoles connection regularity condition in models of electroexplosion chains analysis
Dzhigrin A.V., Antoniev A.V.
Analysis of the accident, related with the explosion of methane and coal dust, occurred 2013.02.11 in mine "Vorkutinskaya" (JSC "Vorkutaugol")

Section 5. Information events
International Conference of engineers-shotfirers was first held in Russia265-267
"Explosive business" department of National mineral resources University "Gorny" (formerly Leningrad Mining Institute) - 75 years268-269

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