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Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 133/90 (2021)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Belin V.A., Vyatkin M.N., Bolotova Yu.N., Chaban V.S., Umrikhin E.A.
Results of the XXI International conference of ANO «National organization of explosive engineers». New technologies of explosive business in the service of mining enterprises of Russia

Section 1. State and improvement of explosives, devices and blasting agents
Viktorov S.D., Maslov I.Yu., Gorinov S.A.
Estimation of the duration of safe heating of the aluminum turn on in an ammonium-nitrene explosive
Kostylev S.S., Chernogor I.G., Rakhmanov R.A.
Ways to improve the explosive characteristics of ammonium nitrate in the production of mixed explosives
Dubovik A.V.
Modelling oftest method forsensitivity of solid explosives to mechanical stress – destroying shell
Mukhutdinov A.R., Efimov M.G., Garifullin R.Sh., Vakhidova Z.R.
Study of stress distribution when pressing powerful materials in the assemblyof the press tool in autodesk inventor
Mukhutdinov A.R., Efimov M.G., Garifullin R.Sh., Alexandrov V.N.
Computer simulation of charge cumulation process with segment faces in ansys autodyn

Section 2. Technology of blasting in the mining of solid minerals
Viktorov S. D., Zakalinsky V. M., ShipovskiiI. E., Mingazov R.Ya.
The concept of development of drilling and blasting works mineral deposits
Zakalinsky V.M., Mingazov R.Ya.
About drilling and blasting operations at large depths
Zigangirov R.R., Vinogradov Y.I., Khokhlov S.V., Rakhmanov R.A.
Algorithm for determining the dependence between drilling parameters and physical and mechanical properties of rocks
Makkoev V.A., Khokhlov S.V., Suvorov Yu.I., Sivtsev I.A.
On the expediency of the use of a face in the conditions of blasting of multi-strength rocks

Section 3. Ecology and safety during blasting operations
Bolotova Yu.N.
The influence of the explosive charge design on the formation of seismic and explosive waves
Knyazev D.Yu., Kutuev V.A.
Research of static and dynamic stresses during sinking of underground working

Section 4. Information
To the 90th anniversary of the birth of Kazakov Nikolay Nikolaevich171-172

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