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Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 137/94 (2022)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Section 1. Studies of rock destruction by explosion
Makeeva T.G., Trofimov V.A., Shipovsky I.E.
Explosive destruction of rock samples (numerical experiment)

Section 2. State and improvement of explosives, devices and blasting agents
Menshikov P.V., Flyagin A.S., V.A. Kutuev
Effect of the initial pulse of the intermediate detonator and the density of the emulsion explosive on the detonation rate of the charge
Ivshin S.S., Bogateev G.G., Galeeva E.I., Ivshina A.A.
Promising energy saturated compositions for cutting metal structures

Section 3. Technology of blasting in the mining of solid minerals
Vinogradov Y.I., Khokhlov S.V., Zigangirov R.R., Rakhmanov R.A.
To the question of design of drilling and blasting works at deposits with a complex geological structure on the example of the kuranakh ore field
Simonov P.S.
Features of calculation parameters of drilling-and-blasting works on the separation
Konstantinov I.A., Talgamer B.L., Starkov A.E.
Evaluation of the efficiency of blasting in sedimentary deposits with island permafrost and swampiness

Section 4. Use of combustion processes and explosion actions in industry
Garifullin R.Sh.
Research of the combustion characteristics of compositions for the treatment of clayed formations

Section 5. Ecology and safety during blasting operations
Kantor V.Kh.
Determination of the size of gas-hazardous zones on the earth's surface during explosions of ejection charges
Sinitsa I.V., Yatsynyak S.D., Ponomarenko K.B., Kushnirchuk V.V.
Assessment of the stress state of the rock mass in the workings of the Mikhailovsky GOK drainage mine
Tyupin V.N., Ponomarenko K.B.
Assessment of the reliability of the explosive method for determining the stress state of a mountain range

Section 6. Information
Belin V.A., Vyatkin N.L., Bolotova Yu.N., Chaban V.S.
New explosive technologies at the service of miners. Main results of the 22nd conferences on mining and explosives
Bersenev G.P., Kutuev V.A., Flyagin A.S.
Results of the scientific and production seminar of the ural explosives
Bersenev G.P., Kutuev V.A.
Results of the ix scientific and practical conference of the Ural explosives

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