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Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 138/95 (2023)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Section 1. Studies of rock destruction by explosion
Odintsov V.N., Zakalinsky V.M., Shipovsky I.E., Mingazov R.Ya.
Assessment of the influence of radial cracks formed during a camouflage explosion on the conditions of seam degassing
Zharikov I.F.
Structural features of rock deformation under explosive destruction

Section 2. State and improvement of explosives, devices and blasting agents
Adushkin V.V., Belin V.A., Gorinov S.A.
About increase of efficiency and safety of explosive works
Efremovtzev N.N., Golberg G.Yu.
Formation of pores in ammonium nitratre granules in the process of impregnation with fuel emulsions
Koretsky A.S., Gorinov S. A., Maslov I.Yu.
The dimensions of gas micropores sensitizing the emulsion explosive by the depth of the descending borehole charge

Section 3. Technology of blasting in the mining of solid minerals
Zairov Sh.Sh., Nutfulloev G.S., Kobilov Sh.B.
Investigation of the effect of explosive high explosive and operability on the effectiveness of contour blasting
Zairov Sh.Sh., Nutfulloev G.S., Kobilov Sh.B.
The effect of the charge design on the efficiency of contour blasting

Section 4. Use of combustion processes and explosion actions in industry
Pavlova Ya.O., Petrov A.S., Mokeev A.A., Marsov A.A., Salnikov A.S., Garifullin R.Sh.
Experimental evaluation of acid-generating solid propellant charges’s efficiency in complex with a charge of gun perforator

Section 5. Ecology and safety during blasting operations
Tyupin V.N.
Dynamics of propagation of deformation waves in fractured arrays during explosive charges explosion
Ivlieva M.S.
Mathematical modeling of convective-diffusion transfer of limestone dust to the soils of the adjacent territory disturbed by open-pit mining

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