"Explosion technology"— scientific and technical journal

Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 139/96 (2023)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Section 1. Studies of rock destruction by explosion
Shlyapin A.V.
About the quasi-static phase of technological explosion development
Shlyapin A.V.
Experimental determination of fractionality coefficients

Section 2. State and improvement of explosives, devices and blasting agents
Kirsanov A.K., Vokhmin S.A., Kurchin G.S., Trebush Yu.P., Mayorov E.S.
Brief history and prospects for the development of industrial explosive substances
Viсtorov S.D., Gorinov V.S., Gorinov S.A., Kuprin R.V.
Development of an emulsion explosive for work in northern and arctic regions
Maslov I.Yu., Gorinov S.A.
Determination of the inhibitor content in emulsion explosives for crushing pyrite ores

Section 3. Technology of blasting in the mining of solid minerals
Tyupin V.N., Kryuchkov I.S., Rakhmanov R.A.
The dependence of the speed of ball drilling of blast wells on the strength and fracturing of the mountain massifs
Kovalchuck I.O., Kovalkov S.A., Alenichev I.A., Stepanov V.S.
Electronic blasting systems benefits applying close strategically important secured facilities - blast energy discharge pauses method
Bannykh G.A., Kolominov I.A, Yusov A.D.
Experience in the development of a contour detonation charge
Mislibayev I.T., Zairov Sh.Sh., Giyazov O.M., Sharopov E.N.
Improving the efficiency of underground min-ing by using a locking face in the holes

Section 4. Ecology and safety during blasting operations
Ivlieva M.S.
The state of the atmosphere in the limestone quarry area

Section 5. Information
Congratulations on the anniversary of Sergei Dmitrievich Viktorov148-149
In memory of Belin Vladimir Arnoldovich150-151
In memory of Yungin Vladimir Ivanovich152-153

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