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Journal was founded in 1922 by a group of engineers. In Russia and the CIS "Explosion technology" is the only one peer-reviewed specialized periodical in the field of blasting.

Issue 140/97 (2023)

Theory and practice of blasting work

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Welcome speech of the General Director JSC GOSNII Kristall Merkin Alexander Alexandrovich5-8

Section 1. State and improvement of explosives, devices and blasting agents
Zimin A.S., Sosnin V.A., Korunov V.N.
Industrial emulsion explosives developed by JSC "GOSNII "Kristall"
Viktorov S.D., Frantov A.E., Lapikov I.N.
Modeling of multicomponent cheap explosives properties
Karabanov I.S., Dobrynin I.A.
Improvement of formulating emulsion explosives for underground blasting
Panfilov S.Y., Sultanov E.V., Bulushev D.A., Melnikov N.O., Akinin N.I.
Ways to solve the problem of utilization of emulsion
Skorokhodov A.G., Gladkov A.S.,Tretyakov A.S., Ilyin D.V., Karpova E.N.
Methods for assessing the performance and detonation characteristics of industrial explosive compositions

Section 2. Technology of blasting in the mining of solid minerals
Merkin A.A., Pogrebnov M.K., Mantsyrov E.P., Korunov V.N.
Experiance of creating a module-type installation for production of pouring and cartridged industrial emulsion explosives by the branch of SRI "Kristall-Yug"
Korobkov S.N., Shikunov N.V., Shalygin N.K., Lebedev M.V., Aleksandrov T.V., Novikova L.B.
Experience of development and use prospects of special equipment by JSC "KNIIM" for mining and blasting works
Arkov V.V., Sosnin A.V.
Development of drilling and explosion works in LLC "Spetsvmteh"
Neiman A.V., Prokopenko V.P., Neiman V.R.
Use of pneumatic systems in production and charging of holes with granular explosives
Yurchenko M.S., Selin I.Yu.
Open joint-stock company «RudChem»: advanced domestic technologies for mining sector eaterprises

Section 3. Use of combustion andexplosion actions in industry
Pugina M.I., Fionina A.M., Kulakova O.V., Pechenev Yu.G.
Study on the possibility of increasing the operating temperature of HMX-based explosive composition for perforating charges
Eritsov A.M., Astakhov E.O., Arestov D.A.
Experience of use of explosive materials on forest fire suppression operations
Smirnov A.S., Kuznetsov I.A., Ukhabin O.A., Gundorin V.V., Merkin A.A., Sosnin V.A., Chuvildeev V.N., Melekhin N.V.
Influence of parameters of explosive transformation on indicators of quality of the bimetallic plates received on technology of welding by explosion
Sukhova L.G., Pechenev Yu.G., Kutsenko G.P., Gladkov A.S., Ermakov V.I., Gladkova E.A., Kulakova O.V.
Dependence of the critical detonation cross-section of elastic explosive EG-85 on the method for obtaining RDX
Petrov E.A.
Physico-chemical aspects of detonation production of carbon and diamond nanomaterials
Merkin A.A., Kozhevnikov V.V., Zavolzhskij V.B., Zimin A.S.
Experience in application of binary systems for the tasks of the oil industry

Section 4. Ecology and safety during blasting operations
Tagiev S.M., Ianovskiy S.V., Khrupin A.V.
Experience in the use of regenerated waste mineral oils in the manufacture of emulsion explosives
Dochilov N.E., Pevchenko B.V., Petrov E.A., Piterkin R.N., Khvorov A.I.
High safety industrial explosives
Kalyakin S.A., Labinsky K.N., Munteanu E.M.
Analysis of the application of the emulsion safety explosive gremix mp in the coal mines of Donbass
Antishin D.V., Brungardt M.V., Kostylev S.S., Chernogor I.G., Shigin A.O.
Comprehensive scientific and technical program "Industrial explosive technologies"

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